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Doulton Water Filters

Doulton filters have a long history of making water safe to drink. The filters have been made in England continuously since 1827.

Doulton ceramic filters are used by emergency relief organizations throughout the world. Groups such as Doctors Without Borders. They are also popular for home use.

Doulton ceramic water filters have a highly effective barrier to pathogens and particles. The ceramic pore structure has an absolulte filtration rating of 0.9 microns (less than 1000th of a millimeter) making it capable of filtering sub micron particles and bacteria from drinking water.

Ceramic filters contain trace amounts of silver incorporated within the ceramic shell. The silver inhibits bacterial growth and makes the filters self-steralizing. In addition, the ceramics are made from 100% natural elements, and do not add anything to the filtered water.

Doulton filters allow beneficial minerals to pass through the water. Our popular gravity filters do not require any plumbing or electricity.