Travel Berkey 1.5 Gal. Water Purifier with Super Sterasyl Elements
Travel Berkey 1.5 Gal. Water Filter with Super Sterasyl Elements
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The Travel Berkey with 2 Super Sterasyl Elements

The Travel Berkey water filtration unit is made of high grade stainless steel.

Diameter – 7.5”
Height stored- 12”
Height in Use – 18”
The storage capacity is 1.5 gallons
The flow rate with two filter elements is 2.75 gallons per hour
The Travel Berkey has a capacity of two Filter Elements

The World Health Organization states “Water related disease is the most common cause of illness for travelers (and expatriates)”.

The Travel Berkey Helps you Keep the #1 Rule of Traveling: "Protect Your Health”

Whether it’s for business or pleasure - be overly cautious while traveling.

  • Contaminated water is the number one cause of sickness while traveling.The World Health Organization states “Water related disease is the most common cause of illness for travelers (and expatriates) affecting over 10 million traveler each year”.
  • Wherever you find yourself, always question the reliability of the water you find. Be overly cautious while traveling, especially traveling abroad. Wherever you find yourself, always question the reliability of the water you drink.

Here's how well the Travel Berkey works at Protecting Your Health.

The Exclusive Super Sterasyl Filter has unrivaled performance at removing:

  • Pathogenic Bacteria, Cysts and Parasites such as E.Coli, Klebsiella, Giardia and Cryptosporidium removed to below detectable levels
  • Trihalomethanes such as Bromoform, Chloroform and Dibromochloromethane removed to below detectable levels
  • Radiologicals such as Radon 222 removed to below detectable levels
  • Inorganic Minerals such as Chlorine residuals removed to below detectable levels
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC”s) removed to below detectable levels
  • Heavy Metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum., cadmium, chromium removed by up to 95%
  • Also removes or reduces nitrates and nitrites

Enjoy Traveling? Stay Healthy While You Travel

You have three bad options and one really good one

  • Bad option#1 - Carrying drinking water with you from Home – That’s a nuisance
  • Bad option #2 - Buying bottled water at ridiculous prices – That’s...well, ridiculous
  • Bad option #3 - Trust the water supply at your destination - still risky.
  • GOOD OPTION - A really Wise Choice – Bring your Travel Berkey with you.

Hunters & Fisherman: There is no such thing as pristine when it comes to drinking water

Dipping your cup into the “pristine” water of a lake or stream and quench your thirst is the surest way to make sure that the only “wildlife” you bag and bring home is what’s churning around inside your intestines. Don’t let it happen – bring the Travel Berkey.

You don't have to leave home to enjoy the benefits of a Travel Berkey

We know it’s called the Travel Berkey but if you are an individual living alone or a couple with no kids, you can still enjoy the convenience, economy and effectiveness of the Travel Berkey at home, every day.

Inconvenience or EMERGENCY?

Are You Vulnerable?
Having the electricity go off for a day or two is an inconvenience. Not having access to a reliable source of safe drinking water for the same period of time - that's an emergency.
If not you then who?
As the residents of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina discovered, you are the first one in charge of your well being and your loved ones in an emergency. How well you are prepared?
The Travel Berkey Can Help Protect you in an Emergency
Keep an inconvenience of a temporarily contaminated water source or water system malfunction from turning into an emergency for you and your loved ones.

Know Your ABC's...Always Be Prepared


  • Traveling in Your Own Country
  • Traveling Abroad
  • RVing
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Camping
  • At the Cabin

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