LIFE Filter Kit for Disaster Preparation and Relief
LIFE Filter Kit for Disaster Preparation and Relief
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LIFE Filter Disaster Kit

Water Filter System for Disaster Preparedness, NGO's, Disaster Relief, or Military Deployment

NOTE: Due to the high cost of shipping 911water no longer provides buckets for individual orders. For individuals who wish to purchase a LIFE Filter Kit will need to locate their own 3- or 5-gallon buckets at a local hardware store and drill the holes. Group or Bulk orders please call 877-702-4433 for pricing and availability.

Life Filter Options

  1. Build Your Own: Comes with two filters and one spigot, and directions for building your own kit using two plastic buckets.
  2. 1-Filter Family Kit: Comes with one Filter, one spigot, and two pre-drilled 3-gallon buckets with holes already drilled.
  3. 2-Filter Large Family Kit: Comes with two Filters, one spigot, and two pre-drilled 3-gallon buckets with holes already drilled.
  4. 4-Filter High Flow Community Kit: Comes with four Filters, one spigot, and two pre-drilled 3-gallon buckets.

The LIFE Filter Kit is designed to maximize economy and effectiveness, for use in outdoor or international locations by NGO's or other International Relief Organizations, or by military who are deployed in developing countries where the water supply may be questionable.

The LIFE Filter Kit is portable, with one bucket fitting inside the other for easy storage or transportation. The LIFE filter kit with one filter will provide efficient water filtration for up to 3,000 gallons, depending on water quality. Heavily contaminated water would result in shorter filter life, i.e. swamp water, well water with lots of silt or sediment in it, or filthy river water. Filtering cleaner water, such as clear lake or stream water, melted snow or rain results in longer filter use.

Gravity Fed Water Filter Systems

LIFE Filter Kits are the ideal water purification systems to have on hand in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes as well as local or national emergencies when electricity, water pressure, and treated water may not be available.

LIFE Filter Kits are also ideal for use in disaster relief, foreign missions, and in developing countries where you want reliability and insurance of pure, great tasting water from open water sources or for everyday general purpose. LIFE Filter Kits are gravity-fed and require nothing but water from almost any source...removing up to 99.99999% (Log 7) of contaminants!

No electricity, water pressure, or chemicals required!

The advantage of using a LIFE Filter Kit over other popular models is that it continues to filter water regardless of whether there is access to electricity and regardless of water pressure. As long as you have a source of water nearby - a river or stream, lake or pond, or even a swimming pool, the LIFE Filter Kit will provide you with healthy, great-tasting water. That's because the LIFE Filter Kit is a gravity-fed system that does not rely on water pressure, electricity, or chemicals to operate effectively.

Clean, Safe, Great-tasting Water

LIFE Filter Kits are powerful and cost-effective. They are reliable, easy to assemble and maintain, and provide a great value by filtering 3,000 gallons per filter element, saving you money and giving you peace of mind and healthy drinking water when you really need it most.

LIFE Filter Kits are capable of purifying both treated water and untreated raw water from any source, including lakes, streams, stagnant ponds, and even water in foreign countries where regulations may be substandard.

LIFE Filter Kits are unique in that they can remove contaminants without removing minerals from the water that are beneficial to your body.

How LIFE Filter Kits Work

Water is poured into the upper chamber. Gravity draws this water through the micro-porous purification elements where contaminants are separated and captured. The purified water then collects in the lower chamber where it can be drawn through the spigot. LIFE Filter Kits are self-sterilizing, antimicrobial, impeding the growth of mold or mildew. They are also self-regulating, as the filters stop flowing when they stop working.

LIFE Filter Kits remove chlorine and other chemicals from purify tap water, and they can purify untreated water from lakes and streams and other natural sources of water. LIFE Filter Kits are far superior to other filtration systems because they remove viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites as well as unhealthy chemical contaminates and impurities while leaving in the essential minerals your body needs. LIFE Filter Kits provide healthy, clean,great-tasting water.

Easy to Assembly & Maintain

LIFE Filter Kits assemble in minutes without tools, electricity, water pressure, or plumbing. They are simple to operate and maintain. They are easy to disassemble and compact storage for trips.

Long-lasting & Cost-effective

LIFE Filter Kits are easily the most economical water purification system you can own. Each filter lasts for 3,000 gallons (about 2 years), costing only pennies per gallon - much less expensive than bottled water or other brands. Their unique design allows you to easily remove and clean the purification elements over and over again.

Proven History

LIFE Filter Kits have stood the test of time with organizations such as UNICEF, Peace Corps, and Red Cross, as well as missionaries and relief workers all over the world.

Bulk Purchases & Resellers

For information about bulk purchases, please call 877-702-4433 or email

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