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Clean Water for the World

Help Us Give 1,000 LIFE Filter Kits to Developing Countries to Prevent Waterborne Diseases. LIFE Filter Kits are Effective, Economical, Easy to Assemble, and Long-Lasting.

Many People do not have access to safe drinking water

The LIFE Filter removes 99.9999% of contaminants, including Viruses

Many of the Poorest live in tents in refugee camps

If we donít help, who will? Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Unsafe water causes 4 billion cases of diarrhea each year and results in 2.2 million deaths, mostly children under age five. That is a child dying every 15 seconds. In India alone nearly 500,000 children die each year from diarrhea - the largest cause of sickness and death. (source: WHO & UNICEF 2000).

Clean Water Helps Solves Poverty

It is estimated that families without access to clean water lose up to 20 working days a year because of diarrhea. There are 20 working days in a month. Imagine if you lost a month of work each year because of sickness! For families that live on less than $2 per day, this is catastrophic. By providing them with a way to filter their drinking water, it reduces the number of days per year that they are ill, increasing the number of days they are able to work, improving their economic status.

Help Us Solve this Problem Now.

Please join 911water and Food For The Poor to provide 10,000 LIFE Filter Kits to poor families so they can have safe, clean, healthy drinking water that will protect them from water borne disease and illness. Together, we can save lives and bring Water for the World.

About LIFE Filters

LIFE Filter Kits are economical water purification systems. They are hold 5 gallons of purified water, so they act as a storage container as well as a purifier. LIFE Filter Kits are available for retail purchase (click here), but they also work especially well in natural disasters and 3rd world countries because they require no electricity, no chemicals, and no water pressure. LIFE Filter Kits are simple to assemble, easy to use, and incredibly effective, removing 99.9999% of all contaminants, including viruses, using water from any source. You simply pour water in the top and pure, refreshing, great-tasting water comes out the spigot.

LIFE Filter Kits are constructed of two durable food-grade-quality buckets, with LIFE Filters. This simple, practical water filter solution can provide safe drinking water for up to 12 people daily, and depending on the turbidity of the water, will last up to two years or more.

About Food For The Poor

Food For The Poor is the third-largest international relief and development charity in the United States. They have a strong presence in Haiti, and will be our distribution partner to give Water Filter Systems to families in need in Haiti. You can find out more about Food For The Poor at

Will You Help Us Bring Water to the World?

Will you consider providing a LIFE Filter Kit to a family in need?

To participate, simply select one of the products below, add to cart, and place your order. Payment methods include Credit Card, Paypal, or you can select to send a personal check by mail.

NOTE: All contributions will be processed through a non-profit organization and donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes. If you prefer to process your donation through your place of worship or other non-profit entity, please select "pay by check" when you check out of the shopping cart and indicate the name of the organization in the comments section.

Once we receive your order, we will include your Water Filter with ours in the next shipment to Haiti. Thank you for your help with this endeavor.

Partner with 911water to send 10,000 LIFE Filter Kits to Purify Water for needy families around the world