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Emergency Preparation Products

Be Prepared for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Power Outages, and anything else that man or nature can send your way with these emergency preparation products.

Emergency Preparation Products

Be Prepared for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Power Outages, Terrorist Attack, and anything else that man or nature can send your way with these emergency preparation products.

With the ever increasing threat of terrorist activity in the USA, disaster preparation products have taken on new meaning. Before 9/11 American citizens worried mostly about having water for natural disasters, which is just as important as having it on hand in the event of an attack on the USA soil. But as a result of terrorist activity, the Homeland Security department has been formed in order to assist Americans with being prepared for any kind of attack that could interrupt important services.


The Homeland Security department is not the only source of disaster preparation services. Other Emergency Preparation Agencies include the following.

  • American Red Cross
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • National Center for Disaster Preparedness
  • CitizenCorps

Disaster Preparation Takes Many Forms

This is just a partial list of major agencies providing disaster preparation services. When you visit the websites of the various agencies, one fact becomes crystal clear. A disaster can take many forms and result in water becoming a valuable commodity.

  • Chemical or biological acts of terrorism
  • Nuclear attack
  • Blizzards
  • Flood
  • Volcano
  • Tsunami
  • Earthquake
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane


When a country is as large and geographically diverse as the United States, people in different regions must be prepared for a variety of possible emergencies or disasters. Emergency preparation services provide planning guidelines for all types of potential disasters, but one common thread is the need to have almost immediate access to clean water.

You can have water everywhere and still have none to drink if it is contaminated. You must be prepared to have clean water before you lose your water supply. That is why all the agencies have similar recommendations concerning emergency water.

  • Healthy humans need at least one gallon of water per day to maintain good health
  • People most at risk such as young children or people who are sick may need more water than a healthy person
  • Hot climates causing excessive sweating means more water will be required each day to prevent dehydration
  • Maintain a supply of water that will last for 3 days per person
  • Insure water is kept purified by rotating the supplies and using appropriate plastic water bottles

Water Filters that work For Emergencies

With the wonderful advances in personal filtering devices, you can also keep a water filtering bottle(s) on hand. Even the smallest units will filter hundreds of gallons of water. By keeping personal filtering devices such as the Clearbrook Survival Water Filter Bottle, you can be assured of access to water even if your stored water resources run out.

Another Emergency water filter is the Berkey Water Filter System. It will filter thousands of gallons of water from sources such as streams, lakes, pond, swimming pools or any other fresh water source. If your tap water is running but contaminated you can simple run the water through the Berkey Filter system. It will give you a steady source of safe drinking water without the use of electicity.

Berkey Filters are portable and come in either stainless steel or durable Lexan. One of these units on hand can keep you and your loved ones from dehydration and/or illness associated with drinking contaminated water. Click here

Disaster preparation services are available to every citizen. Most agencies, including Homeland Security, have state agencies that are most familiar with the type of disaster that can occur in your region. Of course, a terrorist attack can occur anywhere. The municipal water treatment plants have disaster preparation services you can access also. The plants themselves are monitored and secured on a 24-hour basis, but Mother Nature can overcome any security device! For that reason alone you should be prepared to always have purified drinking water on hand.

Do not be one of the people who delays assembling a disaster or emergency preparedness kit. As they say: forewarned is forearmed. Even if you never experience a terrorist attack, a flood, hurricane or earthquake can happen at any time. If you don''t think it can happen to you, talk to people in New Orleans, Japan, and Indonesia who went without water for weeks because of natural disasters.

The Water You Drink May Not Be as Safe as you Think

The most efficient, cost effective, low maintenance, longest lasting system of water treatment is a gravity fed water purification system.